Article 1 - Acceptance

By ordering on, the following terms and conditions of sale are accepted by the customer, who declares in having in perfect knowledge.

By using the services provided by, the terms and conditions of sale apply to all services provided by the company “DIGIKETING LTD” (hereinafter or Quality fans), with customers (hereinafter “THE CLIENT”), concerning services linked at the promotion of content on social networks (hereinafter “CAMPAIGN”) which offers.

Article 2 - Description of service

By ordering on, the customer agrees with Quality-fans in making a campaign to get additional “fans”, “likes”, “views”, or “followers”, which corresponds to the terms of the social networks concerned, represented by Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., or Google Inc., or any other society representing social networking of which Quality-fans conducts promotional campaigns.

Under no circumstances does Quality-fans sell their “fans”, “followers”, “likes”, or “views” themselves, Quality-fans sells promotional campaigns whose performance indicator is the number of fans, followers, likes, or views attributed to the customer content on the social networking platforms in question.

Article 3 – Use of the site

By ordering, the client engages to provide a web address linked to his or her correct Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, or YouTube video, and accepts that any mistake on his or her part at this level will lead to additional time of completion of the proposed project by Quality-fans.

The customer agrees to follow all recommendations and requests from Quality-fans needed to complete the content presentation, including removing all parameters set up on the platform or social network to restrict access to its contents according to these defined characteristics (age, geographical origin, or other), as well as any undesirable or detrimental content which may affect the realization of the campaign.

Article 4 – Guarantee

Quality-fans engages to obtain the number of fans, followers, likes, or views ordered by the client, in which the number is measured by an augmentation of the number in question compared to the same number after sending the confirmation email indicating the actual number, sent in the 24 business hours following the purchase of a campaign by the customer on

The people who become fans or followers of the customers content can then unsubscribe, especially if they no longer wish to view the content published by the client, Quality-fans can not guarantee that all of the fans or followers will remain subscribed to client content, a low rate of unsubscribes of 5% is considered normal by Quality-fans, over 10% and Quality-fans engages to undertake an additional campaign for free.

Quality-fans reserves the right to not undertake a campaign of readjustment, especially if the client uses his social networking account in an abusive way, frequently publishing undesirable content or contrary to the terms of use of the social network.

Article 5 – Reimbursement Conditions

Orders placed on the website are considered as final, the ordered campaigns will be conducted by Quality-fans. Quality-fans engage in reviewing and considering any request for reimbursement and reserves the right to make full or partial refunds of the order.

In the case that Quality-fans refuses a refund request, an en explanation will be provided by Quality-fans through email. A request for reimbursement may be made by the client through the contact form available on the website at or by post mail to the following address:

Arch. Makariou III & Evagorou, 1-7
MITSI 3, 1st floor, Flat/Office 102
1065 Nicosie
VAT number CY10351708C

Article 6 – Time Delay

Time delays, which are announced on, are approximate times and indicators. The time delay may vary for each campaign and is indicated beside the payment button provided by PayPal Inc.

The time delay starts upon the receipt of the confirmation email indicating the current number of fans, followers, likes, or views, sent by Quality-fans in the 24 business hours after payment by the customer.

In general, Quality-fans is able to meet these deadlines, however it may vary, notably with updates made by social networks, or if a large volume of orders causes a delay in the realization of campaigns.

In the case that a client uses a different payment method such as “E-Vouchers”, Quality-fans waits for the reception of the payment to start the campaign, in this case, count start time from the actual receipt of the check our voucher, which will be announced by PayPal Inc., and will be indicated in the confirmation email sent by Quality-fans.

Article 7 - Copyright

The holder of copyright on all content published on is DIGIKETING LTD, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria

The contents of this site, including text, images, CSS and HTML, is the property of DIGIKETING LTD and may not be distributed or reproduced for commercial purposes without prior consent from DIGIKETING LTD.

Article 8 – Association disclaimer

Quality-fans is in no case affiliated with companies representing different social networks represented on, the logos and related terms are the property of the companies concerned.

Quality-fans is not associated with the client, and can not be held liable for its actions, the clients, or the company representing a social network, having a negative effect on the activity of the client.

Article 9 – Partial Invalidity

The invalidity of the contractual provisions of these terms and conditions of sale does not lead to the nullity of the totality of these conditions.

Article 10 – Privacy Policy

As part of its activities, and to provide the services ordered by the client in the context of customer relations, advice and customer service, as well as the preservation of commercial interests of Quality-fans, as well as the needs to preserve evidence, Quality-fans perceives, records, uses, and transmits the personal data supplied by the customer.

This data includes the email address and contact information of the client sent to Quality-fans by PayPal Inc., and the address or Internet addresses related to the published content by the client on the social networks.

In the instance where it is necessary to the fulfillment of the obligations of Quality-fans, Quality-fans will transmit this information to third parties, including the payment provider.

The client has a right to access, modify, and delete any data concerning him or her, to exercise this right he can send a message via the contact form on, or send a post mailed letter to the address indicated in Article 5 of these terms and conditions of sale.