Frequently Asked Questions

Having numerous followers on social networking sites, allows you to obtain more visibility, construct credibility, and establish a real presence. When a user visits your site, he or she will have more of a tendency to follow you, for example, if there are already thousands of fans present on an ecommerce website, rather then a site with very few followers. Also, your site/page can appear higher in the search results and have an impact on the ranking of your website if it is posted on your page.
Once your payment has been approved and verified by PayPal, you will receive a conformation e-mail (generally a few minutes later), then we verify your order and the site/page concerned, if there is a problem we contact you directly, otherwise we send you a conformation of the order indicating your site/page and the actual number of followers / fans / views. Allow 24 business hours for this e-mail, at this point, your order has been taken into account and is awaiting completion, you should see the first results in the following 24 to 72 hours. Once the order has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal indicating that your order has been delivered.
We send a confirmation email to you within 24 hours of receiving the order to the email that you use to connect to PayPal. If this time period passes, check your spam email, if you don’t find an email from us, please contact us.
The fans and followers obtained from our system are real people, and are also free to unfollow your page or Twitter. We generally consider a loss of 10% of ordered fans after about one year, if you lose more than 10% of followers, we will order more followers for you for free, unless it is provided that fans are unfollowing in mass quantity because you frequently post undesirable content.
We do not need your passwords, we just need the public domain address of your Facebook (http:// …),Twitter (http:// … or @ account), your YouTube video, or Instagram account name.
We respect the conditions of use for these platforms on which we work, also, our service does not lead to any risk for your page being penalized. We do not use fake accounts to increase followers.
There are international fans from different countries including, Turkey, France, The USA, South American Countries, Asia, the Middle East. These offered fans only come from the country in question.
We use our networks of sites, pages, and applications to publish your social profile until we obtain the number of “likes”, followers, or views.
More YouTube views will not only increase the activity of your videos and your channel, but will also act as your “YouTube SEO”. With this, your videos will be more visible to users who view their search results by number of views, and it is also more likely that your video will appear in the “suggested videos” section by YouTube users. This can bring more traffic to your other videos and also more subscribers to your channel, depending on the interest of the audience for your videos.